3 Top Reasons to Make Home Improvements.

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Summer is here. It is a great season for vacation, for spare time, but also the “new reality” has been a plot twist. 

Properties are now more than ever, a crucial part of our lives. Florida continues to be the Sunny State with pleasant communities. People continue to come, either to visit, to stay for longer periods, or indefinitely. We all continue in many cases, to stay home more than we usually would. 

Think about this: how comfortable is your property? Whether it is the place you call home or a place you manage for other people. Does it offer everything necessary to spare time, to work, to live safely and comfortably?

This is a great moment to start a new project, and we have 3 reasons (at least!) to do it: 
      1. Check for Mold 

Probably the most important! Mold is a constant concern among our clients. Especially in a warm moist environment like Florida. 

If you observe any of the following signs below, it is time to contact an expert to assess and assist. 

  • Mold Smell. By only sniffing, it would be musty and damp. 
  • Visible growth. If you see mold, you can be sure that SOME mold exists. The question is: how much?
  • Water Leaks are often the indicator that mold is present.
  • Water Intrusion. Often these problems cannot be spotted immediately, which leads to the probability of mold.
  • Past flooding increases the possibility of having a mold issue.
  • Health Symptoms. Respiratory problems, skin inflammation, irritation of mucous membranes, mental impairment, tiredness, nausea are symptoms that can be related to the presence of mold. It is always best to have that checked by medical professionals.
      2. Renovating rooms. 

Maybe maintenance is good: everything is working just fine. But also maybe, the property is decades old, and the bathroom looks exactly like a movie from the 1970s. Is it time to update that special spot to a more modern look? 

       3. Try out new styles.

There are very interesting trends now! Even if your property is in good condition, starting a remodeling project is very exciting (we love it). How do you imagine this place? What would make it perfect? Allow your creative self to imagine.

Whatever the case is, this is the time to make home improvements. 

Above & Beyond is right by your side to assist. A licensed contractor with construction expertise, and always willing to listen to your plans, provide advice based on experience and communicate.  


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