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The Paper Inn is a retail paper-related store offering a variety of products, classes, and events. It is a well-known spot in Bradenton.

We received a work order from Cool Today, one of our partners, to check The Paper Inn. They stated it was a small job: a couple of tiles needed to be removed and equipment set up to dry out. We went there as soon as possible and found out that it was more than that: there was a significant part of the floor needing to be removed and replaced.

Sometimes a job is not as simple as it seems. By examining closely, we can find additional issues that need to be taken care of, or they could cause further damage in the long term. In the case of the Paper Inn, the issue was extended to a significant part of the floor. After seeing the options for replacement, we found that the floor was over 5 years old, and there was no option to match. Our Project Manager communicated with our partner, explained the situation, and having all the information available, they decided to go on with replacing the flooring in full, due to materials being unavailable.

We were surprised to know that in the middle of the coordination for the flooring, another leak came up due to heavy rain. We had to stop for a while to have our partner, Cool Today, fix the leak. They did an excellent job. When the leak was fixed, we were ready to replace the floor.

The choice of flooring was a pleasing laminate. We were delighted with the decision and ready to install according to the tenant’s availability. Margie, the owner of The Paper Inn, was also great to work with: positive and cooperative. After a week of work, the job was complete. It looked great, and Margie seemed to be happy with it.

A week later, we received a call from her. Apparently, there was a spot in which the tile was slightly sticking up. Kevin, our Project Manager for this job, offered to check. During the visit, he found out that the issue was related to the flooring having variation of thickness, and that this was normal. Particularly, he made sure that the issue would not constitute a trip hazard. This point was crucial to us: we needed to make sure the flooring is safe.

After we did, our admin team reached out to Margie, to ensure everything was clear and right. Tania, in conversation on the phone with Margie, received the below comment:

“It all went great. The guys working here were so careful with everything. They would work, work, work! 

I am getting a lot of comments on how the floor matches beautifully. Everybody tells me how nice it looks. They took care of everything… they didn’t break anything. Communication was great. Kevin was my main contact and he did great.

In general, it was a great experience. I would give them a 5 out of 5”

This is what we strive for.

Our team follows until the end of a job, and even after, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results. We enjoy developing relationships with our clients and partners. In simple words: #WeCare.

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