The Punch out List: Why Professional Help is a Good Idea.

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What is a Punchout List?

A punch list is a document that lists the final work items remaining before a construction project is considered complete. All work that does not conform to the specifications in the construction contract is included in the punch list. Minor fixes such as incomplete/incorrect installations or incidental damage on existing finishes or structures are included. It is typically the last step in the project to double-check that everything has been completed according to the owner’s specifications

…and as our Builder clients know, it can be one of the least cost-effective and most time-consuming periods of the construction process. This final stage is critical, while the builder is trying to tie up resources of manpower, money, and time.


Professional help makes the process more effective, and life simpler!

When closing the sales process of a new home, Builders have the option to complete the punch-out list themselves, investing significant time in coordinating with contractors their corresponding part. Or they can hire a specialist, like Above & Beyond, who will resolve most of those minor, yet crucial fixes.


  • The property is client-ready on time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Save time coordinating trades.
  • Clean and tidy community.


Why Above & Beyond?

Because we have the people who care! Our crews are:

  • Experienced and detail-oriented.
  • Multi-skilled
  • Equipped with tools
  • Self-starters

Our Construction Punch-out Service has proven to be cost-effective in turning over quality homes to customers, with a high degree of efficiency. The feedback we have received has been outstanding. We have enabled our Builder clients to focus on what they do best: Building and selling homes.

Most importantly, Above & Beyond recognizes the importance of delivering work that will facilitate an inspection-ready home on time. By providing quality work and craftsmanship, we help our builder clients take care of their customers.

Let Above & Beyond help. We care.

Call today for an estimate: 941 323 9397. Or reach out at we will be glad to assist.

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