3 Steps to Restoration

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Property damage can be something difficult to deal with. In Above and Beyond Property Restoration, we believe that the best decision you can make is an informed decision. For this reason, we would like to outline in 3 steps the basics of the processes for restoring water damage, mold removal, and fire damage. The A & B team has the capacity of handling every single step you will see below.


Step 1 Inspection

Whatever the case is, the initial step is to have an expert inspect the area. If you have had water damage, it could have been there for some time before you noticed, which can lead to the growth of mold. In the presence of mold, this might be more intricate given that mold spores can float into the air, for which reason special equipment and suits are necessary. As you probably already know, being exposed to elevated mold levels can be hazardous to your beloved ones and your health.

Fire Damage is likely the worst type of disaster a property can incur. Not only will you have to deal with everything that has been burned by flames, but the secondary damage can often be just as bad or worse. Smoke can spread throughout an entire property. Soot and odor will need to be dealt with throughout. There is a good chance you will have water damage from the flames being doused if the fire was not put out with an extinguisher. If this is not dealt with quickly, it could as well bring mold into the equation.


Step 2 Clean up: must be performed by professionals. 

Water damage: Several items need to be taken care of such as water extraction, removing damaged building material (demolition), dry out, mold testing clearance.

Mold: There is no sense in getting rid of a mold problem unless the source is handled, as it will come right back. Cleaning thoroughly, antibacterial treatment is necessary.

Fire: Several matters need to be taken care of. This includes removing damaged material (demolition), soot and smoke clean up and deodorization.


Step 3 Build Back.

Once the demolition and clean up has been done, there is one more step to get your property back to normal conditions: build back or repairs. This might include caulking, drywall, texture, paint, flooring or carpeting and installing built-in furniture (such as cabinets, vanities, and closets).

Does this sound like a lot? It is, indeed, significant work, and it needs to be performed by professionals. Above & Beyond Property Restoration can take care of it all. We offer a true full service: Our expert team will inspect, make an estimate for your project and work on it based on a timeline and consistent communication. We are fully licensed, certified and insured to take on any project; whether it be residential or commercial. We can also work with your insurance so that you can get the best experience.

Please visit our website to find out more about the services we offer: http://watermoldfire.us/ or call us today: 941 216 6030

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