Together we do More: Cooperating Towards a Happy Ending for the Client.

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Some jobs are more intricate than it seems at the beginning. Before the holidays of 2020, we received a message from one of our clients, asking for dry-out at a property. There was apparently, a leak in the shower wall. This is usual business for us, so we started the coordinating process as we normally would.

We found out soon that this would be more complex: it was necessary that the builder, also one of our clients, and other contractors got involved.

The good news: we were already in contact with the homeowner. The other parties involved were being coordinated by the builder, and we were already getting involved to accommodate everybody’s needs.

The challenge: It was Above & Beyond that needed to get the process started with remediation, and it was on us to finish this part so that the rest of the contractors could work on the property. With the homeowner living in it, and the holidays around the corner. The responsibility was important.

Our Administrative and Field teams worked along with the builder and vendors to coordinate. Communication was crucial.

We arranged our first visit to happen and coordinated with the mold inspector to provide us with a protocol to accurately perform Remediation. We completely focused on the job, so the Remediation work took 2 days. After this time, the drywall was removed, we made sure that there was no residual mold, and that everything was dry and clean.

We were ready to provide the information on our findings, work performed, and mold testing results to our client. Timing was critical here since the rest of the work depended on it. We managed to finish before the holidays and provided punctual information to the parties involved; making ourselves available for clarification and assistance as needed.

Fortunately, all of the parties involved worked with the same engagement and the project successfully came to an end after remediation, plumbing, boarding, tiling, and grouting work.

For Above & Beyond, communication is key. We understand that the best way to help, is to relay relevant information at the precise moment it is needed. 

However, we did not expect what happened in the end, given that we were the first contractor in the chain of actions to complete the job: We received an email directly from the homeowner with a very kind message:

“Professional, understanding, communicating”: this is the Above & Beyond experience.

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