With a little help from my friends: the first time filing a damage claim? Please allow us to help.

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Sometimes, we receive jobs that require an extra bit of care. We met Terri and Noland per a referral from one of our trusted partners.

In an initial call, Alex, our Customer Service Supervisor called the homeowners. She found out that there was water damage in the bathroom, and they would be filing a claim with their insurance. We followed up afterward. Terry told us that they wanted us to do the job given the way Brittany, our Project Manager, handled the situation. We knew then that the leak was in a different place than we initially thought, and we had to reassess to find out the source. The leak had been there for a year or so. Apparently, the job was more significant than estimated before.

It is very common that it is the 1st our clients will deal with a situation of property damage and insurance process. We stayed alert to accommodate the homeowners’ and insurance adjusters’ needs; coordinating to facilitate the workflow for every party involved. This case was special since there was a health-related concern from one of the homeowners, which made us want to be extra careful with handling the job. They were concerned as to whether they could stay at the property given the mold situation and health issues.

We coordinated a visit from a mold hygienist to find out the extent of the situation and get a protocol from them that would give us orientation on what needed to be done. This is a crucial step when dealing with mold. Our Office Operations Manager, Tania, was involved in the job from the beginning. With consistent communication, she walked Terri and Noland through the process: what we would do at the property, how we would do it, and the impact this would have on their activities.

The time came. After having everything in place with the insurance: estimates, approvals, everything, we developed the water damage and mold remediation work in a few days, to the satisfaction of our clients.

The happy ending: The homeowners were very thankful that we walked them through until the end. In their own words:

We give the entire team a 5-star rating. Communication and timeliness were fantastic. During a very stressful time, the team remained calm and collected while offering insight and communication. I do hope we never go through something like this again, but if we do, we will be calling Above & Beyond. 

Thank you! 

Terry E. 

Our partners refer their own clients to us with the certainty that we will take care of them. Our team will always provide insight and guidance to the extent of our experience, and work in the best interest of our clients, always in coordination and cooperation with their insurance companies.

First time filing a claim? Please allow us to help!

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