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Janet T. found Above & Beyond searching on the web. Checked out our work and decided to contact us through our webpage. She had a dream: making her kitchen an enjoyable place to spend time in. She provided Above & Beyond with some pictures of her idea. Troy, our Project Manager along with John, company owner, visited Janet’s place. They took pictures, measurements, looked at the floor plans, and got their hands on the project.

The idea

Original Kitchen

Developing such a project requires expertise, coordination, and vendor resources. Troy, Project Manager, knows very well how to do this. We presented Janet with a proposal to develop this remodeling project. Janet chose Above & Beyond over other options, given the fast response and clarity provided.

The project started pretty soon, in mid-March 2021. It included a wall being removed, cabinets, painting, tiling, and electrical work. We made sure that the wall to be removed was not weight-bearing to make a safe work; this is an important part in any Remodeling project. We considered the floorplans and current settings to make the appropriate adjustments according to the project. We coordinated with the flooring company to make the timelines work for everybody.


All this time, Janet was consistently overseeing the progress and having all of her questions answered.  Like music from an orchestra, all instruments were playing together to make the melody. Janet was pleased.

The experience

After a few months and some delays from some vendors (let’s be honest: that is a possibility always!) the project was concluded at the beginning of September 2021.

Team A&B is so proud when we deliver projects like this one! The selections were beautiful, and the work pristine. Take a look at the finished project!

The difference between a house and a home is how we make it unique. Making it look and feel like a place we love to be at, and invite our friends and family to.

What does your dream look like? We love building dreams!

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Story by Tania Cabrera. Communication Strategy.

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