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It is always very nice to work on a project that runs smoothly. Judy L. was referred to us in 2020 by her realtor, who is familiar with our Remodeling expertise. She gave us a great task: the complete remodel of her condo in Longboat Key. This included all types of work: cabinets, doors, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, countertops, flooring, tiling, closets, paint, everything.

This kind of projects are exciting for our team because they mean a total makeover where we get the chance to make dreams come true. The challenge: they require not only hard and extensive work, but also accurate coordination and logistics: permits, vendors, material, HOA, and of course our client.

From the beginning, Judy our client was very cooperative and understanding. Even though it is always necessary that our team follows in detail the development of each job to provide timely updates, communication was punctual and dynamic between Troy, our Project Manager, the Administrative Team, and Judy. This is ideal when carrying out a remodeling project because it keeps the project flowing even though there might be external factors impacting it.

Looking back in time, we find that the most challenging part of this remodel was sourcing materials during the pandemic. This kind of situation can lead to delays in work.  As contractors, we understand this is a possibility and always try to convey it to our clients. With this job, we had to wait longer for some of the materials or even find new suppliers given that some of our usual vendors shut down due to the uncertain times.

Judy L.’s remodeling job is a perfect example of our #CrystalClear philosophy. It reflects one of our core values: Honesty. We understand how important a remodeling project is for our clients. It is their dream and investment! For this reason, we put all our efforts into having optimal communication providing continuous updates and keeping the line open for questions or comments, and over all, empathetically listening.

This project was concluded in 2021. The results are delightful: a complete makeover that matches accurately what Judy imagined, which is the most important: our client’s satisfaction.


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