What to look for in a contractor: Trust + expertise.

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By the end of 2020, we received a job from one of the Third Party Administrators (TPA) we work with. When we receive a job of this sort, we have several clients: The TPA needs to approve the scope of work we provide, then the Insurance company, and finally we need to coordinate with the homeowner. Each of these stages involves its own process.

The work required consisted of partially rebuilding a garage. There was an accident and part of the delimiting wall was affected, though there was no cavity, only the damage on the brick, drywall, and cabinets in the interior.

After the company owner and project manager visited to assess the job, it was determined that it wouldn’t be something simple to do. Bricks had to be removed, then the wall rebuilt, and finally, the part needing to be rebuilt would need to match as close as possible to the existing wall. That was the challenge.

Our team was by then in contact with the homeowner, James, and his son and daughter, Rick and Carolyn, who would be our main contacts. Having proactive clients who are open to communication is always a plus point. This was exactly the case. Rick in particular worked very closely with our team: Customer Care and Project Manager.

Many of our clients are not familiar with insurance claims and TPA processes. For this reason, our team is always in contact with the homeowner to explain what the next steps are at each stage. At this point, we were working to have the scope of work we proposed approved by the TPA, which can sometimes delay the beginning of work due to the internal approvals necessary.

One day, our Customer Care Manager received a call from the insurance adjuster working on the claim, Raleigh. It turned out that he had kept her contact information from previously working closely with her and having a really good experience. It was a nice surprise to hear a known voice reaching out to cooperate in making things move faster in the best interest of the homeowner.

Great communication and experience made it possible: by explaining in detail to Raleigh, the adjuster, what we wanted to achieve, and how we would do it, our scope of work was approved. This was great news for the homeowner and family. We were then ready to start working.

In a couple of weeks, our team made it happen: a part of the wall was torn down, debris was put away, the wall was rebuilt, the exterior wall treated to make it match, and the interior drywall put up and finished.

At all times Rick, the homeowner’s son was present and watched the progress of work. This is what we call Crystal Clear: communication, clarity. Our clients receive continuous updates from our Customer Care Team if they cannot be present, or have consistent communication with our team and Project Manager so they know exactly what is happening at any stage.

In the end, everybody was satisfied with the results. In conversations with Troy, our Project Manager, and Tania, our Customer Care Manager, the homeowner’s son expressed how satisfied he was and that he would use our services again, and recommend them.

Filing an insurance claim is not always simple. Whatever contractor is used, it is vital to have trust in them. That they have not only the expertise to perform, but also the experience to work with insurance companies and all parties involved, such as TPAs and subcontractors as needed.

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