Core values: The heart of Above & Beyond.

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Read further in this blog entry by Tania, Customer Care & Office Operations Manager, about our core values. What they mean to us and how they reflect on our everyday actions. 

3 Top Reasons to Make Home Improvements.

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Summer is here. It is a great season for vacation, for spare time, but also the “new reality” has been a plot twist.  Properties are now more than ever, a crucial part of our lives. Florida continues to be the Sunny State with pleasant communities. People continue to come, either to visit, to stay for longer periods, or indefinitely. We …

The A&B Approach: We Care.

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Hi there, this is Tania writing for A&B. It has been 1 year for me working with this company and many, the things I have learned. Probably one of the most interesting things I found is what I call the A&B approach. When I started working here, I had to observe the people and culture so I could project this …