Spotlight on: Jacob Mercer. Restoration Senior Project Manager.

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Welcome to the first Above & Beyond newsletter of 2022! We strongly believe that our most important asset is people.  To start the year, we have an interview with Jacob, our Restoration Senior Project Manager. We did a short interview with him because we want our community to know who visits their properties and get to know him better. What …

Core values: The heart of Above & Beyond.

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Read further in this blog entry by Tania, Customer Care & Office Operations Manager, about our core values. What they mean to us and how they reflect on our everyday actions. 

3 Top Reasons to Make Home Improvements.

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Summer is here. It is a great season for vacation, for spare time, but also the “new reality” has been a plot twist.  Properties are now more than ever, a crucial part of our lives. Florida continues to be the Sunny State with pleasant communities. People continue to come, either to visit, to stay for longer periods, or indefinitely. We …

The A&B Approach: We Care.

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Hi there, this is Tania writing for A&B. It has been 1 year for me working with this company and many, the things I have learned. Probably one of the most interesting things I found is what I call the A&B approach. When I started working here, I had to observe the people and culture so I could project this …

Why choose Above & Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration?

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There are so many options out there in the market, why should you choose Above and Beyond? Well, we are a company that has been working for several years. Since 1999 to be accurate. With the changes in our administration, came also a new vision: we want to be recognized as the option that is professional, has integrity, is dependable, …