10 tips for hiring a contractor for remodeling or renovating.

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Having a contractor remodeling or renovating your home or business can be complicated when you are unfamiliar with the way contractors work… in order for the project to run smoothly, preparation is key. Here is some information that will help:


  1. Have a plan in mind. This is the most important item before you approach a contractor: what are you trying to achieve?
  2. Have a budget in mind. Be straight forward about it. Some people say, “You get what you pay for”. This is truly relevant when hiring a contractor. Considering price only increases the risk of project failure and might incur into higher costs.
  3. Know the contractor’s credentials. Look carefully at certifications and licenses.
  4. Know your contractor’s work and reputation. What previous work has your contractor made? Do people recommend them?
  5. Make sure your contractor is insured. Otherwise, as the property owner, you would be liable if a crew member gets injured on the job.
  6. Keep communication flowing. With Above and Beyond, you will always have one and only Project Manager. Take the time to talk to them about each step. Provide the specifications you need ahead of time. Discuss timeframes.
  7. Get your contract on paper.
  8. Once the work is done, make sure all it is complete before signing off the job. Schedule a final walkthrough. Jot down any task that needs to be completed. Request a final release. Once the job is complete and the final payment is made, this will clear you of any liability for third party claims.
  9. Give your contractor a review. It may be in the form of feedback or even better: an online review. This will help other people (like yourself) to find the best work to hire. Check out some of our reviews, write one for us as well!  https://buff.ly/2ITLTMx
  10. Enjoy the renovation/remodeling.

At Above and Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration we understand that you don’t have to be an expert in remodeling or renovation, but we appreciate that you are very familiar with your own property.

That is why we are here: We have the credentials, the expertise and a team of highly experienced people who will take care of your property like it’s our own. We’d love to hear what projects you have planned.

IMAGINE with us.

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