Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.

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The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year Award.

We always hear that small businesses fuel the economy and are examples of resilience and opportunity in the system. In our community there are several Small Businesses subscribed to the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce which is a resource that offers support and creates direct connections with customers and clients.

Every year, the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce awards different categories of people who represent the Small Businesses in the community. One of these categories is the Small Business Person of the Year-10 or less employees. This is where our story begins.

Back in 2018, we received a message stating that we had been nominated to be the Small Business of the year. We were not sure who had nominated us or why, but it was certainly a nice surprise. We were interviewed and after some time, officially told that John Smyth, our CEO, was awarded the 2nd place for Small Business Person of the year. On the first time we were nominated.

We were delighted with the news, knowing that this award recognizes businesses in the area with great practices. For this reason, we would like to make a statement of what it means to Above and Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration:

Of course the “face” of our business is John ‘Scottish’ Smyth, but also we are very proud to say that this acknowledgement is about the people who make our team. This is visible in our daily work: We have very pleased clients that continue to recommend our work; we are a growing business in the area and feel highly committed and involved with the community.

One of the most important values for Above and Beyond is PEOPLE. We believe that if we have the individuals with the right attitude and drive, we care about them and stand by what they do, we will all together honor our name and go above and beyond to deliver a professional product we can be proud of.

For us, the Small Business Person of the Year award was just the beginning. This recognition we got as a team makes us feel honored, but mostly motivated to continue aiming to become better each day.

“I just have a certain belief that if we have the right dynamics, the right team on board, we can achieve whatever we want… I would just like to put on record my thanks for the team, the clients, our partners and all the opportunities to show what we can do.  

So, thanks to LBK Chamber of Commerce and to the Above and Beyond team.”

-John Smyth

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