2020: From Good to Great

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The beginning of a year is always something exciting. It means resolutions. It means opportunities. It means work!

Less than a year ago we launched Above & Beyond Property Restoration. Back in February last year, we didn’t know what was lying ahead: We were excited back then, we are thrilled now to see how fast we are growing.

Thank you to all our clients for their support!


What is coming in 2020?

Team A&B.

We believe we have the best team around. We have caring people who genuinely care for our clients. We take pride in saying that we treat our clients like family. For us, attitude is the key factor when bringing on a new team member. We believe that a great mindset combined with training make the Dream Team. This year we are expanding the tremendous #TeamAandB. We have started looking for very specific team members who fit our culture and bring a great ATTITUDE and they will soon add value to the already fantastic work the team does.


One vital part of growth is infrastructure. We could see the importance of it in the course of 2019 we started our journey into the business. Even though we made significant investment last year, our objective is to continue growing the size of our fleet and increase the amount of equipment available in order to respond to the rising demand we are currently experiencing. We are delighted to see that this is a necessary step we need to take at this point in the short existence of Above and Beyond Property Restoration.

Building trust.

We have already a reputation to be The Company that Cares. Maybe it is because A&B is a family-owned business; maybe it is because we are a medium-small business; maybe it is our team; maybe it is all of the above! We will not recklessly say we are the best option, but we definitely are the option you can trust, that remains approachable and humane; the people who will strive to always do the right thing.

We continue to make ourselves available for the community through insurance companies and other third-party administrators that validate the quality of our services.

Our clients believe in us and have kindly recommended our services. The best thing we can do to correspond to this kindness is to keep up the high standards and continue to deliver the same way, or better.

We care.

Above & Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration is an expanding company in the Manatee and Sarasota counties. We are growing into a robust enterprise to better serve the community. We want to be stronger, of course! Bus most of all, we want to be a relevant part of the community we live in: WE CARE.

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