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Hi there, this is Tania writing for A&B. Maybe I have spoken to you in the past as part of the team. I would like to write today about my experience from the inside. Through the time I have been working for Above & Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration I have learned 3 main things:

1.Leading by example.

When I started working for A&B, I was told that this is a family owned company in growth. The process of learning about it was stimulating. I started by learning about the history of Above & Beyond, what we do in the Improvement side, and what the plans of growth are on the Restoration side. While being coached by John Smyth, company owner, the first thing I observed was that John is the kind of person who always makes himself available for the team (no matter how busy he is) to listen and support, making our jobs easier.

2. The team’s attitude.

I then started being coached by some other team members, like Elizabeth and Sharon, and recognized the same trait: they were always willing to assist when I ran into trouble as a newbie, with great patience I must say. I always felt supported. With time I got to know the rest of the team and I can tell in some way I learned from each of them how to work things out even when sometimes it seemed as an impossible mission.

3. A customer-oriented company.

But that was only the beginning of a journey. It was until I started getting more familiar with the administrative and operative processes that I truly knew what A & B was about. I started observing from the machine room that it takes a great deal of logistics, coordination, communication, and hard work to deliver service. I have learned and keep learning a lot on the way.

When one of our team members visits a potential client, there is a whole team behind, supporting them. If you have had this experience, you know what the A&B approach is: we genuinely care for our clients and their needs. This is something I really enjoy. When clients sense sincere empathy and see our high responsiveness, the relationship improves. We are empathetic not because we are required to, but because that IS the organizational culture. It is set from the beginning; when we hire a new team member, attitude is decisive (now I can tell!).

This can be seen in the reviews and feedback that we get. We are not perfect. There are always factors changing what we can do and how we do it. But as a client you can be sure we will always go Above & Beyond to deliver our promise:

Show up on time.

Do as we say.


Do you have any feedback for us? Please write a review or  contact me at tania@abmigrate.watermoldfire.us

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