Core values: The heart of Above & Beyond.

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What are core values anyway?

coeur french wordThe core values of an organization are those values the people within it hold, which form the foundation on which they perform work and conduct themselves. These values underlie work and personal interaction, and general behavior to accomplish objectives.

That is the official definition of Core Values. However, as a helpless believer, it seems to me very meaningful to know that the word core, comes from French Cœur, which means heart. Core values are, indeed, the heart of a company.

In order to define our core values, we asked the team what they think they are according to what they observe on the day-to-day work. We also considered the question: if Above & Beyond was a person, how would they be? How do we want to be as we look into the future?


The heart of Above & Beyond.


Care trust integrity

The core values of Above & Beyond Property Improvement and Restoration

Empathy is probably our most distinctive feature and value. Teamwork and respect come from within each member of Team Above & Beyond understanding each other’s job and facilitating the flow of it through cooperation and coordination. We can’t pretend this! Our clients, partners, and vendors know that when they reach out, there is always someone responding, willing to listen and help.


It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and a minute to destroy it. We strongly believe that it really does not matter how much we say we are good, if it does not show, it’s not true. For that reason we do as we say, we show up on time, and we communicate. You’ll hear Scottish John saying this a lot (and yes, we hear it a lot too!).


Do the right thing. Even when no one is looking. Honesty is something we look for in everyone joining Team A&B. Simply: it is non-negotiable. By having information available to the whole team, our clients, and partners, we ensure that everything is Crystal Clear. We will always strive to communicate openly, even if it’s not the best news.


Why Care, Trust and Integrity?

Well, firstly: because that’s us!. It is no coincidence that we found these values throughout time analyzing the company culture: It is crucial that we empathize with other people to be able to genuinely help as they need it. This helps build trust.

Most importantly, this is the heart of Above & Beyond: our hiring strategy carefully selects the right people who demonstrate are capable of adapting to this philosophy, valuing attitude over other skills. Think about it: skills are teachable. Attitude is rare.


When you have interaction with any of our team members, you know that we are people working with people, for people. Going Above & Beyond that extra mile to truly support. We like to think of A&B as the “small” company with a big heart.

Tania Cabrera

Customer Care & Office Operations Manager.


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Tania, Office Operations Manager.




Tania is our Customer Care & Office Operations Manager. She has been with us for almost 3 years and helped select some of the current team members, She has contributed to company culture through coaching and developing policies and processes. You can contact her at

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