Creating the future: A word from Tania.

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To our dear clients, partners, and friends:

I hope that the holidays were a good break for you. I want to take this opportunity to look back at 2020. It was such an interesting year! A year full of challenges, change, and definitely, full of opportunities

The way we see it in Above & Beyond, 2020 meant a great learning opportunity. We assessed our own ways and processes and had the chance to improve them and adapt. Especially adapt to a different reality, being proactive and creative. 

As an example, we started the deep cleaning services to prevent COVID, which we developed as a proactive approach to the ongoing situation, always with educated decisions and alternatives for our clients. 

We confirmed that the team that we have, are not only strong and resilient but wholeheartedly on board with the company culture of genuine careTogether they made the magic happen over and over. It comes to my mind now, when we had Hurricane Eta hitting Florida: the team worked tirelessly to assist all the job requests we received in only a few days. Thanks to this effort, we were successful in helping all of the clients with honest involvement. For that marvelous team, Above & Beyond is deeply appreciative. 

But above all, we were able to create opportunitiesThis makes me think about the present: due to the great effort of the last year, 2021 presents itself as a great prospectWe are currently working with more TPAs and Insurance Carriers than ever. This will give us the opportunity to assist even more people in this wonderful community. 

We are creating even more possibilities for our Improvement and Restoration businesses. This means more clients trust our know-how, our response, and our service attitude. For that, we are delighted and grateful. 

This evolution means also that Team A&B keeps growing. We are looking to bring on great people with a great attitude to the team in business development, our field, and administrative teams. 

Thanks to each and every person who works hard every day helping this dream become a goal, a plan, and a reality.  

Above & Beyond continues to strive to work hard to be the company that the community recognizes, that they will continue to recommend, to love working with, that our team will be proud to work at.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. The future looks promising. 

Thank you much for being a part of it!


Tania Cabrera

Customer Care and Office Operations Manager. 

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