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Time flies! We are just in the half-time of 2022, and ready for the 2nd half.

We strongly believe that our most important asset is people, and love to shout it out! In this occasion, we have an interview with Eli, the head of Improvement Operations with Above & Beyond. We did a short interview with him because we want our community to know who handles Punch-Out Operations administratively and get to know him better.

Hi My name is Jose Gonzalez. Eli is what everyone knows me by and is practically my official name at this point.
In my free time, I enjoy indulging myself in quality me-time, which can involve several things. Such as playing video games, creative writing, and going for walks.
I work as Customer Care/Administration on the improvement side of Above & Beyond. It mainly involves taking care of our clients, keeping track of punch-out progress, and ensuring we are receiving the payments for these jobs, along with the Accounting area. Also, I work along with the team as needed in other areas.
In the past, I worked in Customer Service and as Quality analyst for around 7 years before working with Above & Beyond.

I feel I have definitely grown a lot as this job has taught me the many layers of how a business works and the different areas that certain departments interact with. It has given me a much clearer perspective on how we all are part of one team.

With our clients, I always try to be as empathetic as I can. Try to demonstrate to the clients that I understand where they are coming from, and do my best to assist them.

About Team A&B: I really enjoy how everyone is always willing to help each other and I never feel alone when a tough situation comes up.


We really appreciate Eli’s engagement. He’s an outstanding part of Team A&B demonstrating THE attitude: #WeCare

If you are a builder in the Manatee-Sarasota area, we can take care of your Punch-Out needs. Send us an email at: or call 941 216 6030


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