The A&B Approach: We Care.

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Hi there, this is Tania writing for A&B. It has been 1 year for me working with this company and many, the things I have learned.

Probably one of the most interesting things I found is what I call the A&B approach.

When I started working here, I had to observe the people and culture so I could project this into our communication. Interaction among the team and between us as an entity and external parties, was always positive, reinforcing, upbeat, kind. I thought that in an industry that moves this fast, it is not always easy to keep the spirit. Yet there were always 2 characteristics always present: thoughtful communication and active listening.

At A&B we consider that our best asset is our people. The phrase “choosing the right fit for our company culture” means a lot in this context.

As a part of our growth, we have added new team members this year (and it’s only February!). While interviewing the candidates there is one trait that we consider the most important: attitude. We believe in developing people skills and knowledge, but attitude is something special that needs to be present from the beginning.

At this point, you might be wondering “why do I need to know about this?”

Well, because it shows! We want you to know that we have a carefully chosen team with the best attitude because that’s us. We have people willing to overdeliver and do the right thing not because they are required to, but because it is in their nature.

In A&B we are all responsible for Customer Support. If you have spoken to any of our team members, from a technician to company owner, to customer support specialists, you have probably perceived that all of them are carefully listening, trying to understand, empathizing and from there, making things happen.

This is what makes us a different company.

We are the option in which the entire team will go beyond expectations to not only deliver a service but genuinely consider each job as unique. In two words:


…And we want you to know!

Tania Cabrera. A&B Customer Support Manager/ Marketing Strategy


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