Portobello Clubhouse. The story of a remodeling project.

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Portobello Clubhouse is a facility in Longboat Key. The story of Portobello and Above & Beyond started almost a year ago. One of our team members was at a networking event when she had the opportunity to introduce our services to one of the property management representatives. He said they had a large project to remodel the clubhouse to give it a more contemporary look and feel, and they would like us to bid for. We were then very excited to consider this opportunity. It is no secret: we enjoy remodeling projects and delivering on our clients’



We presented a proposal. The client came back with some questions and asked for references with some of our past clients. After some time of constant communication, we were glad to know that we were awarded the contract. 


We were introduced to the team (Marie, Paul, Justin, and Dave) we would be closely working with, composed by the designer in charge, a representative of the board, and the property management representatives.


Work started. The team has been very cooperative. Work ran smoothly within the parameters, mainly due to consistent communication with them. Troy, our project manager promptly and consistently informed the status of the project to all the parties involved and made sure that everything was on track (with the inevitable and occasional setbacks, properly handled and timely communicated) which made it flow efficiently. 


As a result, we have been coordinating between the dedicated team, and our crew to deliver the end product that is visible now. We can say that it has been a year of hard work, continued efforts, great coordination, constant communication, and delightful outcomes as you can see in the picture gallery. 


This is a project that not only has made us very proud, but we have also enjoyed working on and has opened more doors for us. Because of the continuous efforts and visible work, we were recommended to and started work with other homeowners in the same area. This means a wonderful opportunity for us to show the value and care we can deliver. People have been able to provide a real reference based on their own experience.


Everybody is delighted. Starting with Above & Beyond. We are delighted and grateful for this wonderful experience. 

Do you have a Remodeling project in mind? We want to know about it!

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